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That digital editions website is really nicely done. There is a slight wiggle on the documentation pages on my iPhone 6+, but other than that, it looks nice. Plus, I *really* like the content of the documentation pages. It is so clearly written, it should be a model for writing documentation. Everything, from the license info to the funding, how to cite, and the description of the various components, it is really well done. Bravo!

Puneet Kishor - June 2017, email

Grazie per il lavoro enorme che hai fatto con il tuo D[ata]base, che è davvero uno strumento utilissimo per le ricerche a tutti i livelli!

Paola Italia - May 2017, email

What a nifty resource and cool website!

Ron van den Branden - March 2017, email

Discussing @GretaFranzini’s catalogue of digital editions [...] #dixit Great resource, in addition to @patrick_sahle’s!

Daniel Powell - September 2015, Twitter

@GretaFranzini This list is great. [...]