Why?    Since 2012 the Catalogue of Digital Editions has been gathering digital editions and texts in an attempt to survey and identify best practice in the field of digital scholarly editing. Analogous initiatives exist but don't provide the granular analysis of features necessary to better understand the rationale and methodology behind the creation of a digital edition. This Catalogue provides an accessible record of standards and building technologies used, and thus an insight into past and present projects.

How?    Development on this web application began in 2016 and aims at delivering the Catalogue data in an interactive and user-friendly manner, allowing users to browse, search, filter and order projects around their research interests.

What?    The Catalogue continuously adds digital editions and always seeks external contributions. For instructions on how to submit a digital edition to the Catalogue, please visit the Documentation page of this site.

Projects added will be exposed to over 300 German libraries thanks to the Catalogue's integration into the German Library Network (DBIS).

News items

February 2018
Our Expectations of Digital (Textual) Editions survey paper was accepted for publication in the ACM Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage!
our data is now indexed in OpenAIRE;
we added more digital editions;
we added network visualisations of each project and of the entire Catalogue data-set;
we added individual web-pages for institutions (currently accessible by clicking on institution nodes in the individual network visualisations);
we updates the layout of our homepage, including the footer;
we updated existing digital editions;
we fixed a few bugs;
we added missing DNB IDs and cleaned up duplicate institutions;
we updated our Output page with more refbacks;
we updated our Documentation page;
the number of German libraries subscribing to the DBIS service, which syndicates the Catalogue, is now 325.

gfranzini | Feb 2018 25 | Feb 2018 25
January 2018
We updated existing editions;
we fixed a few bugs in geographical coordinates and institution URLs;
we added more digital editions;
the GitHub data repository can now be more easily cited using the following Zenodo DOI: DOI

gfranzini | Jan 2018 27 | Jan 2018 27
December 2017
We presented a poster at the DH Austria conference;
Christmas break!

gfranzini | Jan 2018 01 | Jan 2018 01
November 2017
We updated the documentation and the output page, which includes an article by the Digital Publications Manager of The J. Paul Getty Trust, Greg Albers, who dedicates a paragraph to the Catalogue.
gfranzini | Feb 2018 04 | Dec 2017 02
October 2017
Our poster submission to DHAustria 2017 was accepted. See you in Innsbruck in December!
We submitted an article describing the results of our March survey 'Expectations of Digital (Textual) Editions' to a journal.

gfranzini | Oct 2017 28 | Oct 2017 12
September 2017
We added the new filtering option 'Sahle Catalog' to map the entries in the Catalogue against those present in Patrick Sahle's Catalog of Digital Scholarly Editions;
we created a 404 error page;
we added a data-chart selector system;
we created a BibTeX download of all digital editions (see the Get the Data menu tab), which, among other things, allows users to import all digital editions into bibliographic managers such as Zotero;
we created an N3 and RDF/XML download of all digital editions (see the Get the Data menu tab) - the vocabularies used are FOAF, GeoNames, Data Catalog and Dublin Core Metadata;
we added a SPARQL interface to query the RDF data format of the Catalogue;
we added more digital editions;
we freshened-up the look of some pages;
we were invited to present the project at the German-Italian Historical Institute in Trento, Italy.

gfranzini | Sep 2017 22 | Sep 2017 01
August 2017
We updated the FAQ page with project criteria for inclusion in the Catalogue;
we updated the Refbacks section with two new entries;
we took a break!

gfranzini | Sep 2017 13 | Aug 2017 14
July 2017
We celebrate our 1st birthday!
we updated existing data;
we added the 'Repository of Source Material(s)' field to the individual project sheets;
we added an Output page to showcase our research output and visibility in one place;
we added more submissions from users;
we added a bulk-download button to the Browse Editions page.

gfranzini | Jul 2017 31 | Jul 2017 12
June 2017
This month we released a revamped, more spacious homepage;
we added a new 'Navigating the Web Application' section to the Documentation;
we updated the location pop-ups in map view to include more information;
we updated existing data;
we updated our favicon (to view it, add this site to your browser's bookmarks bar or to your mobile device's home screen);
we added the 'Budget' field to the individual project sheets so that you can also learn more about their financial resources;
we added a 'Report' button in project sheets for you to easily communicate issues and updates;
we're in the process of analysing and writing up the results of the 'Expectations of Digital (Textual) Editions' survey, which recorded 218 complete responses!
Finally, the Digital Latin Library mentioned us in their most recent blogpost.

gfranzini | Jul 2017 16 | Jun 2017 25
May 2017
The Catalogue of Digital Editions links projects, where possible, to reviews published by the RIDE Review Journal of Scholarly Digital Editions and Resources.
We were featured in iDNES.cz, a Czech online news portal.

gfranzini | Jun 2017 25 | Jun 2017 02
April 2017
The Catalogue of Digital Editions was added to the German Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS) for use in 319 libraries. DBIS was established at the University of Regensburg and is jointly funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the German Research Foundation (DFG). More information available here.
gfranzini | Aug 2017 19 | Jun 2017 02
March 2017
A survey entitled 'Expectations of Digital (Textual) Editions' is collecting information from the community about the needs of those who use digital editions. The results of the survey and details on how to cite it will be made available here.
The Medialab at the University of Granada mentioned us in their blogpost Los mejores proyectos de Humanidades Digitales de 2016.

gfranzini | Jul 2017 16 | Jun 2017 02
February 2017
The Catalogue of Digital Editions won third place in the DH Awards 2016 Best DH Data Visualization category.
gfranzini | Jun 2017 25 | Jun 2017 02
September 2016
The Catalogue of Digital Editions team presented the project at the 2016 TEI Conference in Vienna. Details about the conference and the book of abstracts are available here. The project poster can be viewed here.
gfranzini | Jun 2017 25 | Jun 2017 02

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