323 out of 323

{'items': '323 out of 323', 'title': 'Audience', 'subtitle': 'The target audience of the project', 'legendy': '', 'legendx': '# of Editions', 'categories': 'sorted(dates)', 'measuredObject': 'Editions', 'ymin': 0, 'payload': [['Students of Celtic Studies', 1], ['Specialists; researchers; students', 1], ['Scholars of Old French texts and manuscripts', 1], ['Mathematicians; physicists; historians of science or local history; partner editions (e.g. The Euler Edition, the Leibniz Edition, the Dalambert Edition); biographers', 1], ['Researchers', 1], ['Academics; theatre practitioners; translators', 1], ['Students; scholars; general public', 1], ['Scholars; research students in the fields of Celtic linguistics, Late Antique and medieval Latin, history of linguistics', 1], ['Scholars; laypeople', 1], ['Scholars; theatre practitioners', 1], ['Scholars; students (higher education) of history of art, literary studies and of the book.', 1], ['Students; teachers; general public', 1], ['Musicologists and manuscript researchers; general public', 1], ['Scholars; librarians; archivists; general public', 1], ['Scholars; students; teachers; translators', 1], ['College and high school teachers and students; independent readers and scholars', 1], ['Literary and linguistic historians', 1], ['Specialists; university students and staff; high school students', 1], ['Teachers', 1], ['Scholars; students; general public; teachers; scientists; librarians; digital humanists; information technology experts', 1], ['Citizen scholars', 1], ['Scholars and students of Anglo-Saxon literature, art, history, and culture; bibliophiles; collectors', 1], ['Students; general public; scholars', 1], ['Dickinson scholars', 1], ['Scholars; general public; professionals', 1], ['Malory and manuscript scholars; teachers', 1], ['Scholars of Galdós', 1], ['Scholarly; general public', 1], ['Historians', 1], ['Expert; scholars', 1], ['Specialists; Students; general public; teachers', 1], ['General public; Scholars; Teachers', 1], ['College students; researchers; teachers; interested public; high school students', 1], ['General public; scholars; teachers; students', 1], ['Scholars; students; teachers', 1], ['Book historians; ballad scholars; folk scholars; cultural historians', 1], ['Scholars (literary studies; linguistic studies; religious studies; history; art history); students; general public', 1], ['Scholars; performers; teachers; students', 1], ['Scientists; scholars', 1], ['Students; researchers; academics', 1], ['Scholars; students; teachers; general public; genealogists', 1], ['General public; students; teachers; researchers', 1], ['General public; historians; physicians; homeopaths', 1], ['Scholars; students; architects; general public', 1], ['Global audience', 2], ['Experts; general public', 2], ['Experts; Scholars', 3], ['Scholars; general public', 10], ['General public', 14], ['Scholars; students', 21], ['Scholars', 37], ['Scholars; students; general public', 45], ['not provided', 145]]}